Welcome Companion…

Welcome Companion…

In 2020 and 2021, Solomon launched a series of Modules, each designed specifically for Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons.

Each module is filled with content specifically focused on your journey through these degrees, featuring the variety and quality of content Solomon is well known for, including quizzes and papers focused on the tracing boards and working tools unique to those degrees allowing brethren to delve deeper into them.

‘Welcome Companion’ brings the same focus to the Royal Arch with additional videos, quizzes and nuggets for new companions, explaining the regalia, history of the Royal Arch and more.

Each section begins with an introductory video, which presents some of the material and 
members can also continue to earn digital ‘badges’, which mark their progression through the modules and following the successful completion of various quizzes and viewing the content within each section.

Our content is not just for the individual brother or companion, there is also a wide variety of material that Lodges and Chapters can utilise during meetings. This allows members to keep learning and engaging alongside their brethren and companions, including delivering a paper, nugget or presentation within a Lodge or Chapter.

There is a wealth of content on Solomon which the Learning & Development Team, alongside our dedicated contributors from around the globe, continue to work tirelessly to expand and ensure that the resources available cover the broadest range of topics possible, from viewing the famous Prestonian Lectures narrated by the lecturers themselves, which are usually only delivered inside a Lodge room, to testing your knowledge with our interactive quizzes.

Whether it is from a nugget, paper, quiz or webinar, we want to give you the tools to learn when you want, in the ways you want, whether inside or outside the Lodge, directly from Solomon platform or through a Brother delivering presentation.

Thank you to over 39,000 of you who have registered nationaly – and keep registering – and made all the effort so worthwhile, and whose input, feedback and suggestions are helping us to make Solomon more valuable and relevant every day to all who use it, helping it evolve into what it is today.

Fostering Curiosity – Developing Understanding is not simply the central message of Solomon, it is the core value underpinning everything we do.

How to Register
Simply go to solomon.ugle.org.uk and fill in your details. Once you have received the confirmation email, log in, select your first Module and Enrol. You can then begin your journey of Masonic learning and understanding.

A selection from Solomon
Solomon Live:
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First Degree:
Welcome Apprentice
Paper – The Apron – history, symbolism and meaning
A short talk describing the history, symbolism and meaning behind the Masonic Apron.

Paper – Your Lodge and Offices
The main features and officers of a Lodge.

Nugget – The symbolism of the key – explained
The symbolism of the Key illustrated by reference to the First Degree Lecture.

Second Degree:
Nugget – The Liberal Arts and Sciences
The meaning of The Liberal arts and sciences.
Paper – Two Ashlars – the Story of a Stone
The symbolism surrounding the Rough and Smooth Ashlars.

More general content:
Paper – Masonic dress in its various forms
Advice and hints about Masonic dress within the English Constitution.
Nugget – Election by Ballot – origin and practice
The origins and practice of balloting.
Paper – The Five Noble Orders of Architecture
We look at five periods of Architectural history, and put this information into perspective in considering the influence upon our ancient Craft.
Paper – A Glossary