Acacia Lodge


Lodge History

Acacia Lodge was consecrated at The Gaiety Restaurant, The Strand, London in 1910, having 22 prominent London undertakers as founders, who in their letter to Grand Lodge felt that to have a lodge for the funeral and embalming profession would raise the status of these trade bodies. The lodge was an immediate success and during the early years its membership grew with many initiations and masons from all parts of the country joining and many family dynasties were formed as family members who were not in the funeral trade joined which gave a more diverse membership.

Acacia Lodge has met at many venues in its long history, such as The Gaiety Restaurant, Paganini’s Restaurant, The Holborn Restaurant, The Dominion Hotel, Mark Mason Hall, Shuttleworths Restaurant, Great Queen Street, Corvinos Restaurant and recently back to Mark Mason Masonic Centre.

A very comprehensive history of Acacia Lodge was written to celebrate the centenary of the lodge in 2010 and copies are given to all members on joining and are also available from the secretary at cost


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