Time to get a Prostate Test?

Time to get a Prostate Test?
Over 5% needed urgent follow-up

Arena reports

Since its inception on Thursday, June 25th 2020, MetGL’s Prostate Cancer Screening initiative has conducted nine screening sessions and tested 624 men. Of those, 90.7% were rated green, which means they didn’t need any urgent follow-up. A further 3.7% received the recommendation for an additional test at their convenience. Sadly, however, 5.6% of those men were advised to contact their GP and seek further investigation for the possibility of an enlarged Prostate or even, in worst cases, the risk of Prostate Cancer.

Metropolitan Grand Lodge has also agreed to join a program headed up by Mr Chris Booth MMBS, FRCS, Clinical Director of CHAPS Men’s Charity. This program is predicated on a risk-based screening model based on age, race and polygenic risk assessments. The data gathered during the screening sessions are added to those of other Prostate charities and Provincial Grand Lodges that have been on-boarded by W Bro Frank Tiller SLGR. Together, they will be used as evidence to recommend a fundamental change in the utilisation and delivery of Prostate Cancer Screening. This forms the first step in establishing an adequate national approach to reducing the UK’s unacceptable death rate from Prostate Cancer.

Screening sessions are held at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street. The next sessions are Thursday, May 5th and Wednesday, June 1st, 2022. 

This is an open event, available to masons and non-masons alike. So, if you are, or know a man aged 45 or above, now is the time to be screened. Registration can be made online. There is a token charge of £25 per attendee, collected at the time of Registration. Just follow this link:- https://chaps.mypsatests.org.uk and scroll down to the event. Click on the small black right arrow box to Register.