The Metropolitan Grand Chapter Learning and Development Lead presents Solomon and the Royal Arch.
The Solomon virtual learning environment has recently launched an exciting new module called 'Welcome Companion', which is aimed at new members of the Royal Arch. This article will explain a little about the module. If, dear reader, you have not yet joined the Royal Arch, then it is suggested you might choose not to read this article but save it until after your exaltation ceremony. 
The module starts with a short video that gives an overview of the module. Then you are encouraged to work through a sequence of interesting and informative material. The module is aimed at newly exalted Companions, though it may be of interest to those who have been in Royal Arch for some time. For new exaltees, it is an important resource that they can use in conjunction with the development of 'Archway', Supreme Grand Chapter's members' pathway, one aspect of which is to support new Companions.
The module is divided into five sections which you can complete at your own pace or explore individually as they take your interest. 
The first section provides some background information about the ceremony. In order to really get to grips with Royal Arch, it is necessary that you understand some of the context of the Old Testament, specifically the Chapter called Exodus. It is quite a lengthy section and includes three videos that explain the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Exodus. It also provides links to various articles as the information about the Royal Arch and the Bible is not confined to Solomon. 
The second section explains the ensigns and banners that adorn the Chapter room. Building on from the previous section, here Solomon explains why the ensigns and banners are arranged as they are and how and why they are connected.
The third section is concerned with how the Chapter is laid out and how it is organised. The module includes a rather fun quiz that asks you to organise the furnishings of a Chapter room, as well as a quiz about the collar jewels that are worn in the Royal Arch. Additionally, the distinguishing regalia of the Royal Arch is fully explained. 
The fourth section is the last major section of content. It is concerned with the historical, symbolic and mystical lectures. These provide a deeper explanation of the exaltation ceremony and the semiology used in the Royal Arch. Each of these lectures has a practice quiz and a PDF that goes deeper into the lecture's signification. The section concludes with a quiz exploring "the knowledge of yourself". 
The fifth and last section of this module neatly concludes the Royal Arch journey with a video followed by the final quiz. If you have worked methodically through the module, this one will neatly link together all the themes of Royal Arch Masonry.
By working through this entire module, you will become a much better-informed Royal Arch Companion. I recommend it to any Royal Arch Mason, regardless of rank or experience. The author particularly commends it to personal mentors in Royal Arch Chapters. You would likely find working through this module alongside your mentee would be a really useful way of stimulating their love of the Royal Arch and commitment to playing a full part in their Chapter and eventually Metropolitan and Supreme Grand Chapters.
If you have enjoyed completing this module, then there are two previous 'Solomon Lives' that cover Royal Arch matters.
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Both of these can be found by scrolling down after following the Solomon Live link on the opposite page.
The Metropolitan Grand Chapter Learning and Development Lead wishes you all good wishes for your Royal Arch journey.
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Introducing the Royal Arch     
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The timeline that underpins the Royal Arch story 
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Your Ceremony Explained: 
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Ensigns and Banners 
Section Three:
Chapter Organisation 
Section Four:
The Lectures (from the ceremony) 
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Final Quiz