The Metropolitan Learning and Development Lead presents: Solomon – Back to Basics

Whether you are newly initiated or just returning to Freemasonry after the interruption of the last two years, you may want to rekindle your daily advancement in masonic knowledge. Now seems the perfect time to revisit how to use Solomon, a tool available to everyone seeking to learn more about Freemasonry.

Solomon is a virtual learning environment designed to provide a greater understanding of the ritual, symbolism, history and traditions of Freemasonry. It is accessible online and contains a searchable repository of Nuggets, Papers, Presentations, Demonstrations, Q&As and Quizzes. These can be used for personal study or shared in Lodge, Chapter, or in a Lodge/Chapter of Instruction. It is free and open to anyone, accessible via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply register, enrol on relevant modules and then browse, search and download any material you need. If you change your mind, you can un-enrol from modules; it’s up to you.

Anyone can set up an account using the link or QR code below. There is more guidance on this on the next page. Don’t worry, Solomon does not reveal any of the ‘Masonic Secrets’, and you can safely use the platform at any stage in your masonic journey by selecting only those modules that apply to you. Full details and FAQs about signing up can be found at this link……..
The main subject areas contained within Solomon are First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, Royal Arch, Installed Masters, Lodge Matters, About Freemasonry, and Masonic History. This breadth in itself demonstrates the broad applicability of its contents.

One of the most popular aspects of Solomon is the ‘Solomon Live’ initiative. This is a monthly live segment, often interviewing a prominent mason with something interesting to say. For instance, in July, Solomon Live met with the Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Snyder.

We encourage all Freemasons to sign up to Solomon and take advantage of the material available. As most masonic centres are equipped with Wi-Fi, and some even provide screens and projectors, there may be opportunities for using it in new ways. Some suggestions below.

Lodge Mentor:

When a ceremony is worked in the Second or Third Degree, the Lodge Mentor or his nominee could leave the room with the junior masons not entitled to be there and use Solomon to develop their understanding and interest in Freemasonry. In a broader context, Solomon could also be invaluable to a Lodge Mentor in fulfilling their responsibilities in the ‘Engage’ section of the Members’ Pathway.

Personal Mentor:

Between meetings, use the resources of Solomon to ensure that the mentee is growing in understanding and remaining engaged with Freemasonry and the Lodge. Perhaps you could meet in a pub, coffee shop or on Zoom and work through a quiz?

Royal Arch Rep:

The Royal Arch Rep could use the material in Solomon to help them foster curiosity in members joining the Royal Arch or perhaps inspire a short talk in their Lodge promoting members to join?

Lodge Almoner:

As the officer in charge of retaining members of Lodges, you can use Solomon alongside the Lodge Mentor to keep members engaged and excited by their masonry and promote it as a resource to housebound members or those otherwise unable to attend.


The writer is confident that every Freemason could find something either useful or interesting (or both!) in Solomon and that this resource, alongside the broader resources of the Members’ Pathway, is a great way to keep us all engaged with masonry and, more importantly, get as much interest and enjoyment as possible from our masonic activities. 

How to Register

Simply go to and fill in your details; once you have received the confirmation email, Log in, select your first Module and Enrol. You can then begin your journey of Masonic learning and understanding.

Solomon Live:
View all previous recordings and register for the latest Solomon Live here 

A selection from Solomon

If you are brand new to Solomon then these sections will be of use:

Ideas especially designed for the Lodge Mentor:
Mentor’s Corner 
Some Quizzes 

Personal Mentor:
All of Solomon could be of interest to your mentee, but the Lodge Matters section might be a good starting point to help them begin to develop their masonic knowledge: 

Royal Arch Rep:

Links that will help bothers decide whether the Royal Arch is for them: 

Lodge Almoner:

Links an Almoner could suggest to brethren who cannot attend, to help maintain or rekindle their masonic interest:


This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 49 August 2022 edition.
Arena Magazine is the official magazine of the London Freemasons – Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London.

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