Following on from their two million pounds pledge to help fund a second emergency helicopter for London Air Ambulance, London Freemasons have donated five high powered Volkswagen Tiguan rapid response cars to help support the work of the London Ambulance Service on the roads of London.

At the launch ceremony outside Freemasons’ Hall attended by key dignitaries and senior members of the ambulance service, The Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Snyder announced –

“The donation of these five rapid response ambulance cars is another fine example of London Freemasons’ care and support for the London Community. The London Ambulance services is the busiest in the world, serving over seven million Londoners plus those who visit, work or travel through the capital. The London Ambulance Service objective is to provide the highest quality care to the London community, I have no doubt that our donation will be of enormous support to them in achieving that objective. On behalf of all London Freemasons I am delighted to hand over the ignition keys to their highly trained crews and thank them on behalf of all London Freemasons for the good work they do for everyone in Greater London.”

These emergency response units’ patrol across all parts of London thus primed to respond to an emergency at any time. They carry lifesaving equipment of the highest innovation to treat the patient. They are on call twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year. Their objective is simply to provide the highest quality care in an emergency situation.