By W Bro Mark Russell SLGR


Founded in 2014, MathsMakers is an education charity that believes that all young people need to be equipped with mathematical proficiency. The charity provides free, high-quality maths tuition to low attaining or disadvantaged young people in North London.

A finalist of the 2018 Teach First Innovation Award, it has also been accredited with the Quality Mark by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education.

MathsMakers focuses on students who are working 1-2 years behind National Curriculum expectations – including those needing extra help to pass their GCSE exams. They are currently working with 250 students, some of whom are receiving free school meals. Some students, who do not have English as their mother tongue, must spend additional time studying the language itself. Others suffer from various learning difficulties. Evidence shows that children in these groups perform significantly lower than their non-disadvantaged peers, and this underperformance affects them for their whole lives.

Dr Helena Mullins, a Founder of the charity, says, ‘We are incredibly grateful for the grant of £3,000 made by the London Freemasons’ Charity as it has enabled us to work with 72 students aged 14-16 years between January and May 2021. Each student has received a 1-hour long weekly online tutorial given by highly trained and experienced instructors. There can be no doubt that this grant will make a significant contribution to improving the lives of many disadvantaged children. Thank you!’

The success of the teaching is such that 97% of students say that their tutorials have helped them with their maths learning.

Below are some comments left by students.

‘At MathsMakers, we had a small group so my tutor could really get through to me and target my weaknesses.’


‘The teacher involved everyone in the session.’


‘It was very helpful and interactive.’


‘It’s a good way to feel more confident in maths.’


The charity communicates regularly with parents and keep them fully updated on their child’s progress. From feedback such as below, it is obvious how much the parents appreciate the work the charity is undertaking.


‘My daughter has felt more confident with her maths learning because this opportunity has helped her improve and learn.’


‘My son loves maths even more and is happy to go every Wednesday without fail.’


‘The programme has encouraged my son to do maths independently.’


‘Any extra support to help my daughter develop her maths skills is something I will always be grateful for. Thank you!’


The London Freemasons’ Charity is delighted to have assisted this very worthy charity.

This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 46 October 2021 edition.
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