Londons Air Ambulance – 30 years on and 40000 patients later

W Bro. Adrian Fox reports.

Metropolitan Grand Charity Steward, W Bro. Tony Shields was delighted to attend London’s Air Ambulance – 30th anniversary celebrations and hear the ambitious plans for the future and how they propose to build better awareness of the charity over the coming years – “saving more lives”

Patients are at the heart of what they do and pioneering spirit continues to drive constant self-evaluation and innovation to understand what can be done to save more lives.

In England, severe injury is the biggest killer of people under 40 years old. Road traffic accidents, falls from height, industrial accidents, assaults and injuries on the rail network kill more people under 40 than heart disease or cancer combined. Attending only the most severely injured people, London’s  Rapid Response medical trauma teams treat on average five people a day in life changing situations.

The charity intends to sustain and build support from corporate partners, trusts, and foundations. Among some of the many ideas for the future are,

– A new paramedic model, ensuring maximum expertise.

– Redevelop the helipad.

– A new rapid response car fleet.

– Prepare for a new helicopter fleet (2025)

– Roll out “Good Sam app” video links to the scene of an accident for specialists.