London Masons donate to Horse Whisperers

The Masonic Charitable Foundation has provided a grant of £1,000 to Learning Through Horses which is a North London based charity delivering alternative education programmes, which, through working with horses, provide an opportunity for disengaged and vulnerable young people and adults to develop vital skills required to further their employment and educational success.

Horses make powerful therapists and teachers. As herd animals, horses rely on their ability to forge strong relationships with one another for survival, which makes them incredibly socially sensitive. 99% of equine communication is through body language which means that horses immediately pick up on changes in mental state by sensing minute changes in body language. As a result, horses can help young people struggling with behavioural and mental health problems to learn and develop vital life skills.

Rosie Bensley CEO of Learning Through Horses commented: “I am thrilled to receive a donation from London Masons and the MCF on behalf of Learning Through Horses, as a small grassroots charity this funding has made a huge difference to our services and has enabled us to reach more vulnerable young Londoners and help them make positive life changes through engaging with and working with horses. We cannot thank the members of London Freemasonry enough for their support”