London Freemasons provide boost to Foodcycle

The Masonic Charitable Foundation has donated £5,000 to support Foodcycle a nationwide charity with 11 locations in the metropolitan area. Foodcycle aims to build communities in particular amongst people who are at risk of food poverty and social isolation. They aim to achieve this through a weekly communal meal, served in a warm dignified and welcoming environment. They rely on their energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to gather surplus food from supermarkets and local stores and “ready steady cook” style turn this into a three-course meal for guests. By serving in a free community space they keep costs low and the locality ensures guests and volunteers make friends.

There Foodcycle Hubs are local projects that make use of resources that already exist: surplus food, spare kitchen spaces, and the time and energy of volunteers. Working with partner charities and community groups, they turn surplus food into healthy, delicious meals, served for free in a warm and welcoming environment to vulnerable people in the community. Since 2009, they have served over 125,000 meals made using over 146,000kg of surplus food.

“We are delighted to have received this grant from London Masons and the MCF. Their support will help us to serve more 3-course meals to vulnerable people, strengthen communities and reduce food waste across the UK.” Mary McGrath, Chief Executive Foodcycle.