Formula One is the absolute pinnacle of motorsport. This year, despite the Covid-19 modified season, F1 is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

With a global television audience of around 1.9 billion captivated fans there are many reasons why people get so engrossed in it, be it for the engineering and technology, the superhuman athletes, the rich history, the money or exotic locations where the F1 races are held around the world or simply the starspangled glamour of it all.

Whatever the reason for watching this fascinating sport, there are a lot of Freemasons who adore seeing these spectacular sporting events, either on
their TV at home or making the pilgrimage to a Grand Prix.

Freemasons from across the UK with a passion for Formula One are now looking to bring this excitement and glamour into Masonry by ‘overtaking’ (integrating into) a struggling Lodge and making it our own. We aim to create a special interest lodge with strong F1 themed fun. Yes, there
will be a chequered flag featuring somewhere! Initial drivers’ meetings have been held, over Zoom, to generate interest and to get the grid formed.
Further casual meetings of interested brethren are scheduled to take place over the autumn, with the aspiration of having a face-to-face meet when Covid restrictions are lifted. Track days, factory visits, race day outings and everything F1 are planned.

If you are a Formula One follower or especially someone who works within the F1 world and would like to be part of the F1 Lodge crew, please race to
register your interest by emailing:

Whether you would like to become our Team Principal/Worshipful Master, Senior Race Driver/Senior Warden, a Mechanic/Steward or one of our many
Drivers/Members, you can jump on the leader board as part of our F1 crew, be sent updates for when the next virtual or reallife meeting will be and we’ll keep you abreast of when the ‘overtake’ will happen.



This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 42 October 2020 edition.
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