Charities Cheque Presentation at Freemasons Hall

On Friday 30 November the Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Snyder, welcomed representatives from London’s charities to Freemasons Hall to present the latest batch of awards on behalf of the Metropolitan Masonic Charity.

Engaging with the attendees Sir Michael commented on the “broad range of charities present and the extraordinary and often moving stories they have to share”. The commendable work they do in relation to how they provide respite, care and relief from suffering for so many people and how with our donations we make a significant difference to each of them.

David Neale from the Metropolitan Communications team explained the benefits of these opportunities and how they enable us to build strong relationships between Freemasonry and the charities. These events give us valuable publicity and even generate candidates from those attending or reading about the fantastic work we do, they want to be part of it.
After refreshments, the event concluded with a guided tour of the library / museum and a special viewing of Lodge room No 10.