Carefree Kids charity receive long term support thanks to London Masons

The London Masons and the Masonic Charitable Foundation has donated £5,000 a year for the next three years to Carefree Kids, a small children’s charity based in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, providing emotional support to children, young people and, their parents and carers.

Their mission is the improvement of the mental and emotional health of children and young people, so that they have the best start in life and reach their full aspirations, educational attainment and potential. This is done by training volunteers to deliver one to one sessions in non-directive therapeutic play to help children and young people release troubling emotions that they may find difficult to communicate verbally or in other ways.

Adam Land CFK Chair of Trustees told us “Carefree Kids is a community-based organisation that has been supporting the wellbeing and mental health of young people in and around Waltham Forest since 2004. We are delighted to receive the support of London Masons and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which will be used to help provide therapeutic play, arts and talking-based therapies to help children and teenagers work through troubling emotions and difficult experiences.  This form of early intervention will help the young people we work with to develop their self-esteem and to thrive, rather than simply survive.  Thank you so much”

Tony Shields, Metropolitan Grand Lodge Charity Steward commented “I’m very pleased we were able to help Carefree Kids provide non-directive therapeutic play, arts and talking based therapies to help young people work through and release troubling emotions and feelings.

This is another example of Freemasons supporting the London community. This donation follows on from a £1,250,000 donation, of a £2.5 million funding pledge from London Freemasons to London Fire Brigade. The funding will provide London Fire Brigade with two extended height aerial vehicles.”

For more about Carefree Kids, read their Impact Report 2019 here.